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Precision and Passion: Athanasios's Laser Engraving Odyssey

by CrealityFalcon 20 Mar 2024
Precision and Passion: Athanasios's Laser Engraving Odyssey

Journey from Engineering to Engraving

In the world of laser engraving, where precision meets creativity, Athanasios Kounis stands out as a figure of innovation and mastery. Athanasios first used a laser engraver back in 1977 at the Technical University of Athens. Now in his 60s and a retired Surveyor Engineer, he seamlessly blends a career's worth of precision and detail into his passion for laser engraving. Despite retiring, Athanasios's engagement with technology has flourished, especially since venturing into the world of diode lasers two years ago. This background equips him with a distinctive skill set, allowing him to approach intricate color engrave projects with a level of precision that distinguishes his work.

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The CO2 Lasers Used in 1970s

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Athanasios in his studio with Creality Falcon2

Embracing Stainless Steel: A Challenge Accepted

Despite initial struggles with other brands, Athanasios's acquisition of the Creality Falcon laser marked a turning point. Amazed by the results of his first color engraving test on stainless steel, he quickly embarked on further projects. He says, "When I make a project, my mind already has two or three more projects lined up. It's like a nonstop process once you get started."


Stainless Steel engraving

The Butterfly and the Color Test

The Pursuit of Perfection in Precision

In Athanasios's quest for precision in color engraving on stainless steel, he combines the thoroughness of an engineer with the patience of an artist. Undertaking a rigorous color test, he meticulously sets up a test grid consisting of 15 lines by 21 grids. Due to the limited grid settings available in LightBurn, Athanasios finds himself adjusting the engraving speeds manually for each line—a task that requires resetting the machine settings line by line throughout the entire process. To avoid overheating and to ensure optimal results, he engraves only 1-2 grids at a time. This painstaking approach not only attests to the high quality of his work but also highlights the Creality Falcon laser's adaptability to meet the precise demands of such complex engraving tasks.

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The CO2 Lasers Used in 1970s


Athanasios in his studio with Creality Falcon2


To Push the Limit: Mastering Gradient Color Engraving

If you take a close look at Athanasios's latest project on stainless steel, "Athenian Philosophy," you'll notice the sky in the background changes colors from blue to yellow, creating a smooth gradient. This new skill Athanasios is exploring adds depth and makes the engraving look more real. Achieving such a level of detail requires patience and a deep understanding of both the medium and the machine, qualities that Athanasios possesses in abundance.


A Lifelong Passion Renewed

When asked about what materials he plans to explore next, Athanasios surprised me by saying, "It's the first time in my life I'm doing something that doesn't make me bored or tired of repeating. Working with steel keeps me wanting more." This perspective highlights his journey in laser engraving as more than just a hobby; it's a passion for innovation and creativity that keeps him driven. We can't wait to see what Athanasios will craft next with his Creality Falcon laser, diving even deeper into the art of color engraving on stainless steel.

Stainless Steel engraving

The Butterfly and the Color Test

Athanasios's work is more than just an exhibition of technical skill; it is a narrative of how art and technology can coalesce to create something truly magnificent. His journey from a Surveyor Engineer to a master engraver is a powerful reminder of the potential that lies in combining professional expertise with personal passion. Through his innovative use of stainless steel and his relentless pursuit of precision, Athanasios not only challenges the boundaries of laser engraving but also inspires others to explore their own creative potential with the Creality Falcon laser.

  • Journey from Engineering to Engraving

  • Embracing Stainless Steel: A Challenge Accepted

  • The Pursuit of Perfection in Precision

  • To Push the Limit: Mastering Gradient Color Engraving

  • A Lifelong Passion Renewed

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Donovan Jacobs
quotation-mark Greetings, greetings all. Love my 10w falcon. This thing exceeded my expectations like crazy. Works like a charm and so easy to build. quotation-mark
Daniel Hughes
quotation-mark Did a little something for myself for a change. Engraved my stainless steel ciggy case. Surprised how crisp it came out! quotation-mark
Alby Martin
quotation-mark 100 Wedding Gifts, with a falcon 5W (I had to make 3 layers of 0.4mm wood). I cut the adhesive paper itself with my own laser. Besides, I made a custom keychain design for the friends of the couple that formed the figure of the meplee. quotation-mark

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