Turning Creativity Into Reality


Brand Story

Transforming Your Laser Hobby to a Business

In 2018, amid personal struggles, single mother Tanya Smelker launched a graphic design business focusing on SVGs, primarily selling on Etsy. Five years later, a 10W diode laser transformed her business, leading her to set up a 10W Creality CR-Laser Falcon and start the Charm and Char brand. She quickly developed a product line of engraved items and plans to expand to include home decor. Despite working full-time as a Fire Protection Engineer, her online sales are thriving, and she's preparing for vendor shows before welcoming her fourth child. Tanya's husband David and their three children support her part-time venture.

After spending 20 years in the model railroad hobby market, I and my autistic son Dylan embarked on a new venture. We bought a 10w Creality laser engraver with our savings, which unexpectedly sparked the idea for our business. With excellent customer service from Creality, we upgraded to a 22w engraver and began experimenting. When Dylan engraved his cousin's name onto a rock, our community showed interest in personalized engraved rocks, revealing an untapped market.   We started a small-scale business,, at home, engraving personalized messages on rocks found in the countryside. As orders increased, we felt blessed by the unity and financial stability this venture brought. Today, we have two lasers and are close to becoming a fully registered and insured business.   Our business has not only provided a living but also an environment where Dylan's unique skills are highly valued. We realized that opportunities can come in unexpected forms - in our case, a rock engraved and painted, shared on Facebook. We aim to keep maximizing these opportunities with

Falcon was initially born out of Creality, marking our first endeavor into emphasizing the essence of creation. Over the past two years, we've engaged in profound dialogues with numerous creators from different walks of life. These meaningful interactions have influenced our decision to commit fully to supporting creators. This commitment serves as the very foundation for Falcon's existence.