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12 Essential Websites to Visit for Free Laser Cutter Files

by linjacob 21 Dec 2023
12 Essential Websites to Visit for Free Laser Cutter Files

Laser Cutters. Once considered to be a future-forward technology, it's now a commonplace tool in small garages and art studios, not just reserved for large-scale industries. Today, personal laser cutters are within everyone's reach, allowing you to create extraordinary pieces using complimentary laser cut files. 

Envision your laser cutter creations being praised as beautiful, well-crafted, and homemade. However, to achieve such precision, you'll require some intricate laser cut files and laser cutter files for your projects.

That's where our guide comes in. It aims to direct you to superior sources to discover outstanding designs, images, and more. These platforms offer a wide array of products suitable for diverse business types. Armed with these designs, your projects will radiate a professional sheen!

So, come along on this journey to uncover amazing designs for everyday use and start leveraging laser cut files today! With the perfect designs just a few clicks away, it's time to take your laser cutting skills to a whole new level.

Let’s explore these websites in depth!


Prepare yourself for an extensive array of designs available at This platform boasts a colossal collection of over 21,000 laser cut files, akin to exploring a massive library brimming with novel and thrilling finds at every corner. This could be the most systematically arranged design libraries on the internet, reminiscent of scanning through books on a shelf, each awaiting the perfect person to discover them. Craft enthusiasts and creators will undoubtedly appreciate the limitless options offered by

2. Ponoko


Ponoko is next on the list, a hub for all types of designs that cater to any project you can envisage. They offer a range of pragmatic and whimsical designs, suitable for practical purposes or simply for amusement. The designs are primed to go from your screen to your hands. Operating Ponoko is incredibly straightforward and it boasts a broad array of designs. Your laser cutter is the tool that gives these designs a tangible form.

3. Trotec


Trotec can be compared to a master craftsman in the realm of laser cut files. Each file they provide is accompanied by simple, step-by-step instructions. This ensures that regardless of whether you're attempting a project for the first time or crafting a unique piece, Trotec offers designs that meet your needs perfectly.

They offer more than just loadable files for a cutter. Their designs are incredibly detailed and dynamic, breathing life into your creations. With Trotec, your concepts materialize precisely as you envisioned them, nothing short of perfection.

4. Craftsman Space

Craftsman Space

The Craftsman Space is an incredible online platform featuring truly remarkable designs. They offer distinctive art pieces that are poised to be brought to life. No matter the material you work with - be it wood, metal, or otherwise - their designs are refined and impressive.

Whether you're a novice creator or an experienced one, their designs are ideal for you. Craftsman Space provides a plethora of ideas to significantly enhance your business and boost the popularity of your products!

5. Laser Ready Templates

Laser Ready Templates

At Laser Ready Templates, it feels like Christmas every week. Their designs are always evolving, akin to a chameleon altering its hues. This results in an incessant flow of fresh inspiration, akin to having a weekly design market packed with numerous free, premium quality designs.

They offer a wide variety of products, ranging from puzzles to attractive decorations. Additionally, they provide exceptional quality, typically associated with paid products.

6. Vectors Art

Vectors Art

Let's shift our focus to Vectors Art, an expansive platform boasting more than 32,000 files. With each scroll, you'll encounter a myriad of styles, as diverse as the various types of snowflakes. Their extensive range includes everything from elegant Taekwondo medal hangers to charming dog-silhouette wall clocks. If it's variety you're after, Vectors Art is your go-to destination. Within the digital confines of Vectors Art, your imagination is the only boundary.

7. Design Bundles

Design Bundles

Wait, there's additional information. Introducing Design Bundles - envision it as a paradise where it feels like Christmas all year round. Picture Santa's sleigh, only it's loaded with SVGs, PDFs, and many more. They stock everything from glittering ornaments to useful gadgets. They provide a comprehensive array of items. The icing on the cake? Their files are not only free, but also of high quality.

8. Free Patterns Area

Free Patterns Area

At Free Patterns Area, you can truly unleash your creative potential. The platform offers a wide variety of file formats, including SVG and STL, allowing you to craft whatever you envision. Each design is unique, handcrafted, and carries a personal touch, a feature not commonly found on all websites.

Whether you're creating for personal use or for sharing, these designs provide a blank canvas for you to mold into something extraordinary using your Creality cutter.

9. DXF for CNC


DXF for CNC functions as an exclusive gallery, showcasing a plethora of chic and sophisticated designs. Their repertoire ranges from classic elegance to contemporary styles, catering to every taste. They excel in creating the perfect designs for your projects, offering a vast array of options. Their emphasis is on delivering simplicity without compromising on quality, ensuring you find exactly what you're searching for.

10. Master Bundles

Master Bundles

Let's take a trip to Master Bundles, which is akin to a candy store, but for laser cut files. Picture rows upon rows of more than 2,800 complimentary SVG files. However, it's not just about the quantity. It's like entering a free art exhibition. Their collection is a treasure trove of designs that can truly elevate your projects, making them radiate with creativity.

11. Boss Laser

Boss Laser

Boss Laser is ideal for individuals aiming to undertake grand projects. The company offers a variety of designs suitable for diverse materials such as wood, metal, and plastic. No matter your project, Boss Laser has something to enhance it further. Your Creality cutter transforms into a potent tool with Boss Laser. It's akin to possessing a magic wand that brings all your expansive ideas into existence.

12. Maker Union

Maker Union

Maker Union isn't merely a digital platform for acquiring designs, but rather a community for those who take pleasure in crafting exquisite pieces. The designs featured are top-tier, meticulously curated to ensure you're acquiring quality for your projects.

As a member of Maker Union, you become part of a large network of like-minded individuals who value perfection. This provides a platform to showcase your work, learn from fellow members, and enhance your projects further.

Sites for Creative Ideas

Explore Thingiverse for endless cool business ideas, ranging from quirky appliances to stunning home decor. For DIY enthusiasts, Instructables is a treasure trove of easy-to-follow projects, whether you're seeking a quick task or a complex challenge.


Printables offers a variety of unique and fun designs with a simple click, while Cults caters to those looking for unique and attention-grabbing designs. allows you to experiment and create your own designs, offering a fun way to bring your unique ideas to life.

Your CrealityFalcon Cutter: Making Masterpieces Easy

CrealityFalcon's laser cutters effortlessly transform your ideas into tangible objects. They can cut a variety of materials from soft wood for intricate art, to sturdy metal for durable items, and even paper for delicate decorations.

The precision of the cut gives a professional finish to your creations. Ideal for hobbyists, small businesses, and educators alike, these cutters are user-friendly, allowing you to start creating immediately with minimal learning time.


This is the ultimate guide for free laser cut files, a treasure chest for modern artisans. Each listed site offers limitless creative possibilities for your Creality Falcon2 40W Laser Engraver & Cutter. But it's more than just cutting; it's about crafting a legacy, one design at a time.

Creality Falcon2 40W Laser Engraver

The resources these sites provide paired with CrealityFalcon's precise machinery is the perfect match for makers. You're not just downloading files; you're exploring endless creative opportunities that could redefine DIY in 2024. Now it's your turn, use these designs and bring them to life with your Creality cutter. You can create anything, from intricate wooden designs to bold metal pieces. The possibilities are endless!


  • Ponoko

  • Trotec

  • Craftsman Space

  • Laser Ready Templates

  • Vectors Art

  • Design Bundles

  • Free Patterns Area

  • DXF for CNC

  • Master Bundles

  • Boss Laser

  • Maker Union

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